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The versatile product mix offered by the technical department at TAG is unmatched. We work with governments and private partners to fulfill their requirements for capital goods across industry lines.

We deal in an extensive range of capital goods, including fork-lift trucks used in construction, municipal vehicles for city maintenance, cutting and filling machines in the food & beverage industry, spare parts for railways, and other heavy-duty machinery for various industries. We can procure capital goods for our clients for both purchase and lease.

Our clients trust us because of the premium quality of our goods, our on-point maintenance, and the high standards of our service. At TAG, they get the best value for their money.

Product Overview Technical

  • HYSTER fork-lift trucks
  • Cranes and other transport equipment
  • BOMAG compactors
  • NEW HOLLAND earthmoving machines
  • SMITHS HEIMANN safety technology
  • Fire engines
  • Special airport vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles and equipment
  • Port and terminal equipment
  • Electricity generators and compressors
  • Industrial equipment and tools

Product Overview Industrial

  • Centrifuges, magma pumps, work locomotives and conveyor systems for the sugar industry
  • Cement pumps, refractory materials, cement mills and installation of grinding media,
  • cutting and filling machines for the food and beverage industry (among others)
  • Steel wheels for locomotives and wagons
  • Spare parts and components for rail vehicles


Our Industry Department team is known as a reliable supplier of equipment, spare parts and components for the cement, beverage, sugar and railway industries.
Our customers value our services highly. One reason is because we provide top support in case of emergencies, breakdowns and system failures.