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Medical & laboratory supplies

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Trading Associated Group services clients of all sizes, requirements, and budgets. We have served laboratories, health centers, government departments, state-run hospitals, and private healthcare providers.

We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients ranging from assembly to installation to maintenance & service. All our services are delivered by highly qualified technicians with extensive industry experience.

Product overview


  • Medical equipment and hospital furniture
  • CSSD departments
  • Modular operating theatres
  • Intensive care units
  • Operating tables and lights
  • Operating microsopes
  • Surgical instruments
  • Dental chairs and accessories
  • X-ray units and accessories
  • Mortuary chambers
  • Mobile field hospitals
  • Ambulances


  • laboratory equipment
  • Analyzers
  • Blood bank equipments
  • Laboratory oves, incubators and centrifuges
  • Laboratory microscopes
  • Material testing equipment


Mobile Field hospital for Nigeria

Supply, installation, commissioning and training of a mobile field hospital consisting of 13 military tents, equipped with a solar system and medical facilities for the different hospital areas (e.g. x-ray, operating theatre, dentistry, ICU, patient ward, triage, sterilization area). The field hospital was donated by the German Armed Forces as part of supporting the Nigerian army during the fight against the terror of the Islamic Boko Haram and serves the medical care of refugees in Nigeria. In December 2016, it was handed over to the Nigerian army by the German Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen.

Intensive care for use in Kigali/Rwanda

Supply, installation, personnel training and commissioning of medical equipment for the intensive care and radiology wards as well as the operating theatres in the military hospital in Kigali/Rwanda.

The hospital we supplied is one of four reference hospitals in Rwanda and offers top quality healthcare primarily to the Rwandan civilian population as well as to the military. The new intensive care ward has been in operation since April 2013

Ambulances for Uganda

Delivery ambulances model Toyota Land Cruiser to the Ministry of Health Uganda. The ambulances were used for the first time during the visit of pope Francis to Kampala in November 2015 and are currently being used by several hospitals.

Patient-monitoring equipment for use in Rwanda

Supply, installation, commissioning and training of ultrasound units and patient monitoring equipment in Rwanda. Part of this order was a centralized training in Kigali where engineers were free to attend to improve their skills and to ensure the best possible usage of the delivered equipment.

Operating tables and accessories for use in Tanzania

Supply, installation, personnel training and commissioning of 136 multifunctional operating tables and accessories from Germany for the Ministry of Health in Tanzania. The operating tables are used in various hospitals throughout the country.

Mortuary cooler boxes and accessories for use in Rwanda

Supply, installation, personnel training and commissioning of 50 mortuary cooler boxes, autopsy tables and accessories for 25 mortuaries in Rwanda.

The order was part of a national programme for the expansion of various hospitals and the improvement of healthcare in Rwanda. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2013.

Ambulances for Burundi

Delivery of ambulances model Toyota Land Cruiser to the Ministry of Health Burundi. The ambulances are currently being used for services within the capital of Bujumbura.