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Commercial Planes

Advisory Services – Sourcing, Valuation, and Sale

TAG offers advisory services to assist our customers by identifying their need gap, calculating fair value of an aircraft, negotiating terms of the deal, providing documentation support, and more.

Financing Consultants

We analyze the financial objectives, tax liability, and other variables to recommend an appropriate financial products. We also help them in finding optimum rates on those financing options and finalize the deal.

Leasing & Repossession Assistance

TAG also provides leasing assistance to its clients that includes assessing the risks, managing terms of leases, and finding the best possible deal. Our experts carry out detailed inspections, account for market fluctuations, and do comprehensive research to offer you the best terms of lease.

In case our clients are looking to repossess an aircraft they have leased or sold, we do offer repossession services as well.

Storage, Support & Maintenance

TAG provides its clients with airplane storage facility services. The costs and the time of storage depends on the availability of space, type of maintenance, and the size of the aircraft.

We also offer after-sales support services. These include advising clients on the top vendors of major components present in the market and offering best rates available that they can choose from.

Airplane Spare Parts

TAG provides company-sourced, high-quality inventory of spare part for all types of commercial airplanes. We provide new and overhauled spare parts with complete paperwork around the world.

Here’s the list of available spare parts in the TAG inventory ready to ship.