Myles Anderson

Myles Anderson

Myles Anderson is Founder & CEO of BrightLocal provide a unique and specialised set of local SEO tools for SEO Agencies, Freelances and & local business owners. See their Local SEO Research Section for the latest research & survey findings about the local search market.

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Citation Inconsistency Is No.1 Issue Affecting Local Ranking

This post is a follow-up from my November?post, in which I shared some interesting findings from the current?InsideLocal webinar series. During InsideLocal webinars, we survey the audience, which consists of 500+ local search consultants and?SMB owners. The vast majority of attendees are search consultants/agencies, with 90-95% located in USA and?Canada (so the data are?skewed to […]


How To Conduct A Winning Local Search Audit

Every week, our support team at BrightLocal fields numerous questions from our customers about how best to conduct a local search audit. The questions range from the type and quantity of data to include, to what processes and tools can be used to speed up the audit. This topic is well covered on many blogs, […]


88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

We at?BrightLocal?have released the findings of our annual Local Consumer Review Survey, which reveals the growing importance of online reviews in the purchasing decision. About Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 This is the 4th year we have conducted this study into consumer usage and attitudes toward online reviews.?In May-June, we sent a questionnaire to our […]


How To Build A Local Brand Through Online Marketing

The terms Brand and Brand Marketing are usually associated with large businesses. Having a brand is seen as something significant — something that only businesses with big ideas and even bigger wallets can afford to invest in and create. But that’s not true.?Businesses of all sizes can be Brands. A brand can’t be built in […]


Survey: 85% Of SEOs Shoot For 1-5 New Local Reviews Per Month

Managing reviews and reputation isn’t a new discipline for search consultants and agencies to focus on, but it is gaining prominence as reviews take on more significance in the world of local search. Consumers consult online reviews more regularly in their research process and put an increasing amount of trust in ratings and review sentiment […]


Which Is The Most “Generous” Search Engine To Local Businesses?

Earlier this month, one of our customers asked an interesting question in a training workshop. They wanted to know which search engine displayed the most local results for different types of search terms. Google gets the lion’s share of focus in the SEO world, particularly in Local. They also have the most developed local search […]


Products, Prices & Proximity Are Most Important Info On Local Business Websites

Historically, website design and optimization have been uncomfortable bedfellows. The structural and content requirements of SEO were seen to restrict the fluidity of design and user interaction, while a narrow focus on website style often meant that the need to gain visibility in search and convert clicks into customers was overlooked. While these reluctant friends […]


Health & Medical SMBs Spend More On Marketing Than Other Industries

When we conducted an online survey of 668 US small and medium-sized businesses in October 2013, a large number of these businesses (just over 20%) classified themselves as belonging to the Health & Medical Industry.?This group consisted of a wide spread of specialists, including chiropractors, dentists, mental health practices, medical family practices, pharmacies, psychologists and […]

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62% Of Marketers Say Local Search Is Getting Harder

During the recent InsideLocal webinar series, I’ve had the chance to gather the opinions and feelings of the hundreds of search agencies, consultants, “in-bound” marketers and business owners who logged in to listen. We ran a number of on-the-spot surveys (or polls) during each webinar, which helped to complement the expert views provided by our […]


SMBs Spend An Average 46% Of Marketing Budget On ‘Digital’

In October 2013,?BrightLocal teamed up with to conduct an insightful piece of research into the attitudes toward and usage of Digital Marketing by SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). (In the survey, we used the phrase “Internet or Mobile Marketing” to make it clear to survey respondents what we mean by Digital Marketing.) The objective […]


34% Of Local SEOs Make Less Than $30,000/Year. Why?

As the local search industry evolves and becomes more complex, the role of local search consultants and agencies becomes more critical. Complexity is increasing across most areas of our fast-growing industry, which makes “local search” all the more confusing for local business owners. This complexity is driving increased demand for local search services. SMB owners […]


Survey: Quality Of Citations Matters More Than Quantity

At the start of August, David Mihm published the findings of the latest installment of the Local Search Ranking Factors Survey. This year, the breakdown & presentation of survey results has been taken to a new level. Ranking factors are grouped by signal type (e.g., Place Page Signals), then further broken down by result type […]


Keys To Working With New Search Clients: Planning, Communication & Setting Expectations

I recently conducted a series of interviews with four successful and respected local search experts. The interviews focused on the all-important client-agency relationship and examined four key stages, from winning new customers to retention of long-term clients. The objective of the interviews was to understand how each consultant/agency approaches the different relationship stages and to […]


2013 Study: 79% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Today, we at BrightLocal released the findings of our 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey. This is the third wave of this study which explores consumer?consumption?(aka “reading”) of online reviews and how these influence their opinions and purchases from local businesses. More People Reading Fewer Reviews The results of this year’s survey show that more consumers […]


93% Of Local SEOs Expect To Grow Their Business In 2013

Last week, we published the findings of the BrightLocal Local SEO Industry Survey 2013. The objective of this survey is to gain greater understanding about the health and nature of the local SEO Industry. Through this survey, we aim to find out what life is like “on the ground” for those in the local SEO […]


10 Things SEOs & SMBs Should Know About New Google Places Dashboard

Recently, Google announced some significant changes to their Google Places dashboard. The wires have been humming ever since, and the reaction has ranged from fall-off-seat excitement to ‘humph, is that it!?’ Whatever the opinion, the truth is that these changes signify a big development in the way Google handles ‘Local.’ Google has been talking up […]

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Insiders Guide To Selecting The Right Local SEO Tools

Last week’s announcement by Raven tools that they would remove all ‘scraped data’ (e.g., ranking reports) from their toolkit came as an unwelcome surprise to many of their customers. This action effectively makes a big portion of their service redundant, and the reaction to this news hasn’t been all positive for Raven. This must have […]

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